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Bridlington Spa

Bridlington Spa and Theatre was opened in 1911 and is situated on the south promenade at the sea front adjacent to the harbour. Whilst the building is protected from the ravages of the North Sea by Bridlington Bay it has nevertheless been subjected to tidal flooding and sea air for almost 100 years. As a consequence much of the structural steelwork and concrete has been contaminated resulting in rusting, spalling and water penetration.

Bosa Contracts were invited by Hall Construction Limited and Wates to provide recommendations to overcome the specific problems in the structural concrete elements including beams and retaining walls within the original structure. With the assistance of Sika Ltd and EPMS proposals and costings were produced using Sika Monotop for concrete repairs, Icosit Activ Primers for structural steelwork and a Vapour-Proof Sika 1 Structural Waterproofing System for ground retaining walls.

Posted on 09 Dec 2011