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Ciba Bradford

CIBA had commissioned the building of a new warehouse unit in 1997 comprising of a traditionally built shed with reinforced concrete floor slabs nominal 200mm thick. The warehouse had medium height stacking units and it was essential that floor levels remained constant for effective operation of folk lift trucks.

Unfortunately the sub-base support at certain locations across the floor had weakened causing approximately 30% of the bays to deviate from level under traffic load.

Bosa Contracts were invited to inspect the site and offer proposals for correcting the rocking. Cement grout injection via 30mm diameter holes drilled through the fibre reinforced concrete slabs in a grid formation was deemed to be the most effective solution.

To avoid disruption to the clients operations a safe system of work was set up to sequence the works. The 30mm diameter holes were drilled using a LowVibration Hilti Drilling Rig.

CMS BC82 High Strength Grout was successfully injected under the floor slabs using a PGP 100 Grouting Pump. High Strength Expanding Grout was used to fill the injection holes through the slab.

Following final cure of the grout the slabs were re-checked for stability. All slabs were found to be stable.

Posted on 09 Dec 2011