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University of York Students Union Refurbishment


University of York Students Union Refurbishment The University Architects and Killby & Gayford Limited (Principal Contractor) had a dilemma on their hands following the removal of the quarry tiles from the ground floor of the existing Students Union Building equating to over 200sqm. The original Damp Proof Membrane below the structural slab had failed resulting in high levels of vapour transmission and damp on existing floor and adjacent brick walls surfaces.

In addition the bonded screed that remained in position was out of level between 5mm and 30mm requiring correction for the new sheet membrane flooring system.

University of York Students Union Refurbishment The contract period was very tight so the solution had to be rapid access. In addition as it was December there was a low temperature risk during the installation process so the selected products needed to have low temperature curing capabilities.


Bosa Contracts Ltd along with their supply partners Sika Ltd recommended a resin based DPM (Sikadur 32 tested by Taywood Laboratories as being an effective DPM and Radon Barrier) and Sikatop Level 30 (a pumpable floor levelling compound for thicknesses between 4mm and 30mm).  In addition to the above some of the existing screed had been damaged requiring repair using Sika Monotop 612.

The rising damp to the external and internal walls below DPC was checked with Sikatop 107, and defective DPC was replaced with SikaMur Injectocream.

University of York Students Union Refurbishment The setting out of floor levels was carried out by Bosa Contracts using an Automatic Level to achieve a Super Flat Finish ready to receive floor sheet membrane systems.

The whole process (preparation, repair and installation) took 5 days to complete, including the pumping of the Sikafloor Level 30 which being rapid set allowed access for all trades the next day.

Posted on 17 Jan 2012