Case studies: BP Oil & Gas Terminal, East Yorkshire

Three condensate storage bunds built approx 25 years ago required upgrading to comply with the COMAH Regulations as a result of the Bunsfield fire in 2005. Clugston Construction acting as Principal Contractor selected Bosa Contracts as their specialist contractor to undertake the remedial works as we could demonstrate competency and the relevant health & safety processes and procedures.

The work comprised of the removal of an existing cementitious slurry system to concrete substrates, the repair of cracks in the bund walls and floor using an epoxy bonded fibre reinforced polymer modified repair mortar, and the replacement of joint sealants with "fire-proof" sealants capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1100C in the event of a catastrophic failure and subsequent fire.

Fosroc products were extensively used in the repair processes, and the works were completed with no accidents, incidents or near misses.