Case studies: Cook Building, Teesside University

The Estates Department of Teesside University had a dilemma on their hands when the basement of the Cook Building continually flooded rendering the space unusable. Bosa Contracts were awarded the contract to act as Principal Contractor and waterproof the basement using the BBA certified Sika Tanking system.

To add to the difficulty in undertaking the work the original floor had been overlaid with 60mm thick concrete flagstones, in total 1680 No flags + sand:cement backing had to be taken out of the basement into skips at ground level. A method was devised to transport these via the lift and along ground floor corridors to the skips to minimise manual handling. The newly exposed prepared concrete floor slab contained 94m of wet joints requiring the installation of Sikadur Combiflex before installing the Sika Tanking system to concrete columns, walls and concrete floor surfaces.

The works were completed on time and for the first time since taking over the Cook Building, Teesside University have a maintenance free, guaranteed watertight basement.