Case studies: Emmanuel Church

University of Leeds – Restoration : Re-pointing


Weathering and pollution had over a period of time severely eroded the stonework pointing to the upper tower and spire and other decorative elements of this early 19th Century Church. Initial investigation works carried out by Bosa and the Structural Engineer found that approximately 65% of the pointing to the spire was virtually non existent allowing water to penetrate into the tower below damaging timber supports and internal finishes. The pointing to the tower and pinnacles was only marginally better. Detailing works around windows including circular columns had also severely eroded.


Following discussions with the Architect and Structural Engineer Bosa recommended a pre-blended lime based mortar that could be applied using a pointing gun with a long nozzle. This ensured pointing mortar to the full depth of the stonework joints forming the spire quickly and cleanly.

In addition to the re-pointing stainless steel pining and stitching of components was carried out to the Structural Engineers design. The works were undertaken from a fully boarded and sheeted scaffolding system allowing continuity during periods of inclement weather. Approx 3750 linm of mortar joints between 200mm and 30mm deep were completed during a 6-week period. As a result of selecting this method of repair temporary works charges were kept to a minimum