Services: Concrete Repair

Concrete structures degrade over time as a result of weathering, pollution and poor workmanship. Results can be dramatic including collapse of components. Spalling is often the first noticeable effect caused by reinforcement expanding normally following contact with water or damp atmosphere over a period of time. Carbonation, chlorides and concrete cancer from reactive aggregates also contribute to failure.

Correct preparation ensures a good base for reinstatement. Most common repair techniques use hand placed fibre reinforced mortars although under certain circumstances sprayed concrete or guniting can be more cost effective.

The use of corrosion inhibitors such as Ferrogard & MCI’s can provide added protection to all concrete surfaces. It is essential for longevity that concrete surfaces receive anti-carbonation coatings to extend the life of the concrete and produce an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Carbon fibre reinforcing or plate bonding is also useful where there are issues surrounding integritiy. These systems can be used on masonry, timber as well as concrete structures.

SIKA, SBD Weber, FOSROC and DEGUSSA Construction Products are accredited material manufacturers used by BOSA Contracts Limited.

  • Hand placed mortars
  • Pourable concrete
  • Sprayed Concrete
  • Plate Bonding
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforcement
  • Resin Injection
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Pressure Pointing
  • Anticarbonation Coatings
  • MCI and Corrosion Inhibitors