Services: Damp Proofing

Damp-proofing is the term normally used for controlling lateral or rising damp through building fabric. Water-proofing is the control of water through building fabric. The methods of control for damp and water are generally different. However water-proofing can often be effective damp-proofing. It is the location within the structure that determines whether the problem is damp or water related.

As a rule of thumb damp-proofing is associated with ground level or above ground level building and waterproofing below ground level building. Waterproofing systems can also be applied to flat roofs, bridge decks etc subject to rain water penetration.

Damp-proofing in buildings is commonly controlled by damp proof courses in walls and damp proof membranes under floors. However where walls are in contact with earth above damp proof courses, dpc's become ineffective. Damp proof renders specialist plasters or membranes are required for long term protection.

Hydrostatic load (water pressure) requires a waterproofing solution. This can be achieved by external treatments but is often difficult in existing structures as the total building below ground cannot be accessed. Internal waterproofing is normally the most practical solution as all wall and floor surfaces can be accessed and correct detailing can be made to openings and penetrations such as gas and water pipes.

Waterproof renders and screeds are very effective at stopping water and damp. They are generally vapour permeable allowing the building to breathe. Once installed correctly they do not require any maintenance. Cavity Drain systems are also commonly used and rely on pumps and base drains which require frequent maintenance. To avoid condensation issues and "black spot" controlled ventilation and heating systems are essential such as Humidistats and Radiator Heating.

Bonded flexible rubber strips such as Sikadur Combiflex are applied over movement joints and at wall/floor angles to stop water entering buildings at these locations. Water proof renders such as Sika 1 and flexible rubber strips such as Sikadur Combiflex can also be used in water containing structures such as swimming pools and liquid storage tanks including bund linings.

  • Damp-proof renders and screeds (Sikatop 107, Sikatop Slurry Seal)
  • Water proof renders and screeds (Sikatop 121, Vandex BB75)
  • Cavity Drain Membranes (Oldroyd)
  • Elastomeric Membranes (Sikafloor 405, Ronadeck)
  • Crystallisation (Vandex Super)
  • Resin Damp Proof Membranes (Epocem 81, Resbuild DPM)
  • DPC's (Injection Cream)
  • Aqua reactive resin injection (MC 2300)
  • Flexible Strips (Sikadur Combiflex)
  • Water Plugging (Sika 4a, Thoroplug, Vandex Rapid)

Guarantees and Warranties
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