Services: Resin Protection

Swimming PoolAll surfaces require some form of protection from time to time. It is normally their usage that dictates what surface protection is required. Resin products provide many solutions for wear, chemical and impact resistance. They can also be used to provide effective barriers against moisture as DPM's (Damp-Proof Membranes).

The resin system maybe a coating or Bundsscreed of varying thickness to provide the protection and wear resistance.
Systems can be rapid access such as mathacrylates MMA, epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic.

Resin systems are more commonly found in industrial and commercial environments such as chemical plants and archive units. However rapid access construction methods require fast setting products to meet programme and site demands.

  • DrivewayResin Coatings
  • Resin Screeds
  • Polymer Screeds
  • MMA Rapid Access Flooring
  • Bund Linings
  • Waterproof Decking - car parks, balconies etc.
  • Pump Screeds (cementitious)