Services: Restoration

All buildings made of any building fabric suffer from the effects of weather and pollutants. Restoration is the term used to restore buildings or their components back to their original or near original state. Restoration is normally associated with stone, brick or timber framed buildings. However metal framed structures such as bridges can also be restored. Modern techniques allow almost any building component to be restored rather than be replaced. English Heritage, The National Trust and Conservation Authorities are normally very selective about the methods used for restoration.

Stitching and pinning, reprofilling, artstone, timber beam end repairs, specialist repointing and refacing have all been completed by BOSA Contracts on a variety of listed, graded and non-graded properties such as churches, domestic properties and commercial buildings.

  • Pinning And Stitching
  • Timber Beam End Replacement
  • Stone Reprofiling
  • Resin Injection
  • External Renders
  • Decorative Coatings
  • Historic Scumble
  • Art-Stone Repairs
  • Brickwork Reprofiling
  • Lime Renders